Bagamoyo - Lay down yor heart!

Tourism and the City of Bagamoyo

Tourism is still limited in Bagamoyo. Although the city is very easy to get to, few tour operators have Bagamoyo in their program. Bagamoyo is the historical city of East Africa par excellence: Here there is clear evidence of the first immigrants from Iran and Arabia, evidence of slavery as well as German and British colonial history, Islam, the history of the Catholic Church and the history of the great European "explorers" .

Only insiders know that Bagamoyo was declared a place of pilgrimage by the Pope at the same time as Lourdes and that the Bagamoyo College of Arts (TASUBA) is the only state art college in East Africa - with its annual international art festival. Bagamoyo is also home to musicians, dancers and acrobats who participated in major international shows such as "Africa! Africa!" or contribute to "Mother Africa".

In short: Bagamoyo is always worth a visit for several days!