Established in 1980

After Tanzania gained independence in 1961, the new Ministry of Culture founded the "National Theater Company" and the "National Dance Company".

In 1980, under the presidency of Julius Nyerere, the government dissolved both groups in favor of the state-owned Bagamoyo College of Arts, which was deliberately founded outside the megacity of Dar es Salaam 80 km north in Bagamoyo. The college should not only train young artists, it should also conduct and perform research.

Construction of the largest theater in East Africa

The first classrooms and rehearsal rooms were simple barracks that had previously served as company buildings. It was not until much later, in the early 1990s, that a large theater building was added, which could be used open air (approx. 1,500 seats) or in a closed theater room (approx. 500 seats). It was the only real theater in all of Tanzania. It was funded half by the Swedish and the Norwegian government, which for decades gave the College of Arts massive support in many areas.

In the mid-1990s, the accommodation of the then approx. 45 students improved, for whom decent student residences were built for the first time and who, instead of dormitories, were now accommodated in two-bed rooms with shower and toilet. The head of the college at that time was Rashid Masimbi.

The big fire in 2002

In January 2002 the college theater burned down, believed to have been arson.

Thanks to the financial support of the Norwegian and above all the Swedish government, the theater was rebuilt and rebuilt even larger. The grand opening took place during the International Bagamoyo Arts Festival in October 2008. With around 2,000 covered seats and numerous rehearsal stages and changing and technical rooms, it is once again the largest theater in East Africa.

Master plan to expand the college

According to the master plan, the college should be expanded into an artistic training center for the entire South, East and Central African region. The number of students has increased to over 300 to date, and foreign students can also attend college. The construction of further student residences is also planned, as is the renovation and construction of further administration and classrooms. In the meantime, however, the Scandinavian countries have largely stopped financing the college's infrastructure.

2008 renamed TASUBA

In 2008, the Bagamoyo College of Arts was renamed the TASUBA cultural agency and, as a cultural in-house organization, was given greater independence from the higher-level Ministry of Culture.

The former actor Juma Bakari was the principal of the college until 2014. The position was only opened in 2018 by Dr. Herbert Makoye newly appointed.

2021: Renovation of two music classroom buildings

Bagamoyo Friendship Society/Germany and the association "Musicians for a better Life" (Munich) are currently planning the renovation of two run-down buildings into new teaching facilities for music and music projects. Completion can only take place in the second half of 2021 due to the corona pandemic.

Tanzanian-German Cooperation

TASUBA has an official cooperation agreement with Bagamoyo Friendship Society/Germany and Ahlen Adult Education Center/Germany (VHS Ahlen) for over 20 years.