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Welcome to Bagamoyo - Home of culture and history



The History of Bagamoyo

Until the middle of the 18th century, Bagamoyo was a small trading center [more]

Sightseeing Bagamoyo

Wonderful beaches and historic cultural sites  [more]

Bagamoyo Lodges/Hotels

Hotels and lodges in Bagamoyo [more]

Remember Dr. Hukwe Zawose

Dr. Hukwe Zawose (Bagamoyo) was a star of international traditional world-music [more]


World Heritage Site

"East African Slave Route" listed as a world heritage site? [more]

Bagamoyo College of Arts

The only public College of Arts in East Africa [more]

Bagamoyo Arts Festivals

Every year the Bagamoyo College of Arts is hosting the Bagamoyo Arts Festival [more]

The Bagamoyo Song

The Bagamoyo Song: "We are reaching Bagamoyo"  [more]